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Covid-19 Reilef Small Business Grant

April 22nd, 2020

Hello Alice- Hello Alice is providing $10,000 grants to small business owners affected by COVID-19. Business owners must have under 50 employees and be registered in the United States. Apply Here!

Facebook- Facebook is awarding grants to companies that have between 2 and 50 employees and have been in business for over a year. Apply Here!

Freelancers Union- Freelancers Relief Fund will assist up to $1,000 per household to qualify freelancers to cover lost income and necessary expenses. Apply Here!

GoFundMe- GoFundMe is offering to meet funds up to $500 to Small Businesses who raise more than $500 on GoFundMe due to COVID-19 hardships. See more here!

Save Small Business Fund- The Save Small Business Fund is providing grants of up $5,000 to small companies with 3 to 20 employees. Apply Here!

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